Parts Reuse Strategy and Digital Marketing Tactics at the 2016 Annual Industry Forum

Parts Reuse Strategy and Digital Marketing Tactics at the 2016 Annual Industry Forum

International convention and workshop once again offers the latest opportunity for industrial manufacturers to meet, network and compare notes

On 8th and 9th March, more than 200 visitors from all over the world convened in Augsburg Germany for the 17th annual Industry Forum.  Attendees from the mechanical, plant and electrical engineering fields learned from their peers about innovations and trends including sustainable cost reduction with a parts reuse strategy and digital marketing tactics with digital CAD and BIM catalogs.


Listening is CADENAS’ key for successful innovation

The Industry-Forum was kicked-off by a keynote from Jürgen Heimbach, CEO at CADENAS, who provided an outlook to the technical innovations companies can expect in the near future. His message: “By communicating and listening to clients, we (CADENAS) can  learn about the customers’ needs and fully make them a reality.”

Every year the keynote provides the opportunity for further conversations, which are especially important to Jürgen Heimbach. “This is exactly the point. How are we are significantly different from our market competitors? We listen. The Industry-Forum therefore offers perfect framework for us and our customers: Two days when users and developers can exchange ideas and knowledge.“, the CEO of CADENAS explains.

Parts Reuse Strategy and Digital Marketing Tactics at the 2016 Annual Industry Forum


Long-term growth needs flexibility

In his presentation, Jürgen Heimbach explained why CADENAS prefers to react with flexibility: “Imagine steering on a certain course and suddenly a new important technology rises on the horizon. How would you react?“ As an example, he cited Facebook: “Who would have thought in 2008 that Facebook would become such an extremely important digital marketing tactic in the media world?“

Another example he cited was the growing importance of smartphones for private and professional use and thus confirms research observations. The keyword here is disruptive technologies. Within 5 years, pioneering technologies have changed the general behavior and decisions of users.

CADENAS long-term strategy: Combine customer ideas and requests with CADENAS’ know-how, to identify new opportunities for innovation at an early stage.

Practical experience reports of renowned companies

With around 20 best practice presentations and interactive workshops from leading manufacturers and users, the international iForum attracted attendees from all over the world, including Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Asia, France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Topics such as the successful implementation of PARTsolutions SPM at GE Oil & Gas projects, the importance of electronic product catalogs as a digital marketing tactic, or the details of a company preparing a switch from Ideas to NX, helped attendees see just how versatile CADENAS software and their developers are.

Champions are Made In Augsburg

This year the Industry Forum motto for the evening event was “Everybody knows champions are made in Augsburg.”, Visitors competed in various games around the premier league facility. Most particularly enjoyed taking part in the stadium tour to find out more about the homestead of FCA. Another fan-favorite was the oversize 16 person Foosball table!

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