OYSTAR Jones Implements PARTsolutions for Standard Parts Management

CINCINNATI, OH – 10/30/2006 – PARTsolutions® LLC, a leading provider of enterprise, digital parts
management solutions for the standard part process, announced today that OYSTAR Jones has
implemented PARTsolutions Intelligent Parts Management technologies that provide a repeatable
methodology for part consolidation, standardization, interchangeability and design reuse. R. A. Jones’
forty five (45) designer engineers will access all supplier components as well as in-house standards and
industry standards via PARTsolutions.

R. A. Jones is using PARTsolutions technologies integrated to both UGS SolidEdge® for engineering
design and SmarTeam® for PLM to provide a productive and integrated environment for their design
team. With the integration made possible by PARTsolutions, designers are able to display the supplier, R.
A. Jones & SmartTeam part information on a single screen. Designers select approved parts and the
native integration with SolidEdge ensures they get the highest quality digital models and that supplier data
is populated into SmarTeam to support supplier procurement processes.

Intelligent Parts Management (IPM) is comprised of optimized processes for managing standard parts,
custom parts, and purchased parts from suppliers throughout all departments of a company. The IPM
processes are seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise systems and deliver business benefits
through optimized digital and physical inventories and tighter integration with suppliers.

R. A. Jones and its customers benefit from IPM through decreased design times for packaging lines,
reduced customization and increased common part usage that results in shorter lead times and lower cost

“The PARTSolutions Library has improved efficiency in our design process by minimizing the need
to draw commercial components, eliminating the possibility of part duplication, and focusing the part
selection criteria of the Engineers on approved suppliers,” explains Jeff Wintring, Chief Engineer at R. A.
Jones. “The library is integrated with our CAD and PDM software, with a given suppliers’ parts color
coded by delivery time, thereby allowing Engineering to create designs with the best lead-times possible.”

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Adam Beck

Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions | A Marketing graduate from the Miami University, Farmer School of Business in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.