Ortman Fluid Power Launches All-New On-Demand Configurator Tool with 3D CAD Downloads and Live Pricing

NFPA Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturer Enhances Online Experience for Engineers with On-Demand CAD Downloads, 3D Model Configurator and Integrated Pricing

Ortman Fluid Power has added a 3D CAD catalog of configurable NFPA cylinders, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions. The new tool provides on-demand access to design NFPA cylinders as well as Ortman’s 101 series cylinders online. This tool empowers customers to find, configure, download, and generate pricing for products directly from the Ortman website.

Best known for their Space Saver line, Ortman Fluid Power is known as an innovator in the cylinder industry. The Space Saver line is smaller and provides a rebuildable cylinder option where a standard NFPA design will not fit.

“This 3D CAD configurator is the most efficient and full-featured front-end tool we could give to our customers,” says Scott Paxton, Owner and President of Ortman Fluid Power.

“The new tool, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, empowers customers to make product changes on-the-fly, as their design evolves or their project requirements adjust.”

Ortman Fluid Power Launches All-New On-Demand Configurator Tool with 3D CAD Downloads and Live Pricing

More Than CAD Downloads: Ortman 3D Preview with Live Pricing Built-in

Engineers can find, design, and download Ortman products in more than 150 native and neutral CAD formats, including 3D PDF datasheets. A built-in, dynamic pricing module shows an engineer the exact price as they change their cylinder design. No matter the mount, bore, or stroke selected, the pricing tool is active, giving the updated price with each unique configuration made.

Paxton adds, “We want to be responsive to our customer’s needs.  Our tool delivers what an engineer, purchasing agent or project manager needs, including online pricing, when it’s most convenient for them.”

The Ortman cylinder configurator is now live for engineers to access CAD downloads from the Space Saver line, as well as NFPA hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, on www.ortmanfluidpower.com.

About Ortman Fluid Power

Since 1945, Ortman Fluid Power has manufactured and sold the highest quality hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The Ortman cylinders are used in any application that requires a reliable hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder.

To learn more about Ortman Fluid Power visit www.ortmanfluidpower.com


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