New CorelCAD Plugin Gives Users Access to Millions of Certified CAD Models

CorelCAD Plugin Gives Users Access to Millions of Certified CAD Models

Manufacturer Certified CAD Models Now Available Directly within the Popular CAD app CorelCAD


CADENAS PARTsolutions has launched the PARTcommunity plugin that gives CorelCAD™ users access to millions of free certified CAD models from hundreds of popular manufacturers. Using the PARTcommunity plugin, CorelCAD users can easily insert CAD models as blocks with attributes into their CorelCAD designs in 3D or a selection of 2D views. The PARTcommunity plug-in is now available free to CorelCAD 2015.5, CorelCAD 2016 and CorelCAD 2016.5 registered users at

Integrated directly into the CorelCAD user interface, the PARTcommunity plugin enables users to search, select and then customize models for their particular project from a variety of popular manufacturers, from around the world. In addition to a wide selection of free content, PARTcommunity also gives CorelCAD users access to premium, paid-for standardized CAD models which are independent of specific manufacturers, ideal when responding to a call for tenders.

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“We are pleased to announce our new PARTcommunity plugin for CorelCAD, which will enable engineers to make their design processes in an even more time-saving fashion”, says Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of the CADENAS GmbH.

CorelCAD is an affordable and powerful CAD software solution for precise 2D drafting and 3D design. With industry-standard CAD features and advanced .DWG file support, it is a true CAD solution for architectural and mechanical CAD needs, available as a hybrid desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X. For more information about CorelCAD, please visit:

For more information about CorelCAD, please visit:

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