New Autodesk Revit Plugin Eases Design Process and Iterations in

New Autodesk Revit Plugin Eases Design Process and Iterations in

The new Autodesk Revit Plugin saves time and improves accuracy throughout the design process for busy architects, planners and designers.


CADENAS developed a new Content Plugin for Autodesk Revit, enabling users to quickly and easily update Autodesk Revit files (RFAs) for their designs.

Architects and engineers who require BIM (Building Information Modeling) data for their designs can access certified product catalogs from over 100 manufacturers, including Eaton, Kaiser and ABB. With the new plugin integration, users can now configure and download a native Revit RFA into their virtual design.

Check out the Autodesk Revit plugin

For architects, designers, HVAC experts and planners – this saves time and improves design accuracy throughout project iterations. See the benefits:

  • Simple Revit RFA selection and configuration
  • Easy configure & insertion of Revit RFAs into your designs
  • Constant connection with manufacturer data for future updates
  • Effortless changes & updates of Revit RFAs

New Autodesk Revit Plugin Eases Design Process and Iterations in Revit: Accuracy guaranteed

The platform links to the original manufacturer’s data so planners and HVAC experts can easily search, configure and download CAD and BIM objects directly from the platform. This also ensures product information stays current as automatically updates any product changes into existing designs.

Without, the manufacturer may make product information changes without the planner knowing. This means the planner must actively watch for product updates and manually update Revit RFAs, or else risk working with outdated product data. Either situation leads to project implementation problems and engineering waste.

With the Content Plugin for Autodesk Revit, manufacturers and planners stay connected. users can easily insert Revit files through the “Configure, Insert & Replace” system. And when the manufacturer makes changes to a product, the planners receive current and extended data of updated products – no manual changes necessary.

Check out the Autodesk Revit plugin now.

Or, watch out the videos below to watch how the plugin seamlessly integrates into the design process and support different levels of development.


Video: Selection and Configuration

The plugin is seamlessly integrated. You will be able to search, select and configure the available BIM objects directly in an familiar environment.


Video: Levels of Development

Most of the content features multiple Levels of Development. You are able to switch between levels during the design process.


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The CADENAS solution redefines collaboration in BIM projects between manufacturer and architect: production and planning data for marketing, sales, planners and architects are available in numerous languages for numerous CAD, CAM and CAFM systems. The Multi BIM CAD data model from allows the use of high-quality information and relevant metadata from a single source for common BIM CAD systems such as Revit, ARCHICAD, ALLPLAN, Vectorworks, Tekla and Sketchup.

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