Mott Corporation Launches Product Configurator with 3D Part Downloads by CADENAS PARTsolutions

Filtration and Flow Control Manufacturer Enhances their Digital Customer Service Experience by Providing On-Demand 3D Parts and Online CAD Configurator

Best known for their filtration and flow control products, Mott Corporation works to solve challenging problems with custom engineering solutions. Mott is expanding their custom solutions with the addition of an online 3D part configurator powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions.

“Our goal with this tool is to empower our customers to make their own design and buying decisions,” says Daniel Goliber, Marketing Program Manager at Mott Corporation.

Previously, customers would email or call Mott Corp with their request, which could take days of back-and-forth communication. Now, with instant access to find, design, and download custom 3D CAD files online, the process is completed in minutes.

Goliber adds, “The 3D product configurator is a time saver for our engineering team and our customers alike. We want our engineers to focus on solving tough engineering problems for customers, not fishing for CAD drawings.”

Mott Corporation Launches Product Configurator with 3D Part Downloads

Mott Corp now delivers CAD parts in over 150 native and neutral CAD file formats, serving engineering customers in a wide variety of industries.

“We’re in a digital age where customers appreciate the ability to design and configure parts all by themselves,” says Patty Dillon Cruickshanks, Sales and Marketing Services for Mott Corporation. “The ability to offer so many different CAD formats is a huge differentiator, now we can give our customers exactly the format they need.”

With the new 3D CAD configurator, Mott Corp is empowering customers to explore much of the buying experience online, ensuring they get the exact product they need while improving speed to market.

Goliber adds, “Customers want to educate themselves and make decisions on their own, using the tools and resources that we offer online. They will reach out when they are ready. It’s important that we offer our customers a tool that is super simple and intuitive to use.”

About Mott Corporation

For over 60 years and across multiple industries worldwide, Mott Corporation has solved highly complex filtration and flow control problems for the world’s largest technical brands. As the only filtration brand that offers full service, custom-designed products across all markets, we engineer filters and fluid flow products. Mott Corporation combines design expertise for thousands of applications with the power of cutting edge technology to create highly engineered custom products.

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