Manufacturers Leverage PARTsolutions to Secure $25 Billion in Component Sales

Milford, OH – February 22, 2011 – PARTsolutions, LLC, a global provider of 3D part catalogs for manufacturers and enterprises, today announces a record number of CAD downloads in 2010. 48 million 3D CAD product models – or an average of 4 million per month – were downloaded by designers and engineers across the globe from a vast number of web properties enabled by PARTsolutions’ unique technology. Not only does this number mark a 27 percent increase in downloads over 2009, it also corresponds to a substantial amount of revenue in the global economy, resulting in the sale of more than
$25 billion in supplier components last year.

“Clearly, a gigantic portion of industrial commerce is taking place online and being initiated with 3D product catalogs,” said Jay Hopper, President of PARTsolutions. “Our technology has rapidly become a core strategy for companies of all sizes to get their products selected, designed in and purchased, with 80 percent of design engineers indicating that multiple units will be purchased for production once downloaded.”

Designer Adoption Drives PARTsolutions Success 

As a company, PARTsolutions experienced noteworthy growth in 2010, with companies of all sizes and industries leveraging PARTcatalog to host their configurable product catalogs on-line. New customers include Anderson Instrument Company, Bimba Manufacturing Company, DMS, Hub City, Mead Manufacturing, Milwaukee Cylinder, Milwaukee Valve, RWM Casters, Sheffer Corporation, the Linear Motion business unit of SKF Group, U.S. Tsubaki, TRD Manufacturing, Welker Engineered Products and others. The company’s continued growth reflects a significant shift in how standard parts are managed and procured, as well as how products are ultimately designed and engineered.

Suppliers Choose PARTsolutions 3D PARTcatalog Technology PARTsolutions’ PARTcatalog™ technology enables customers to host their product catalogs online, making it easier for customers and prospects to ‘design in’ those products into their designs. It is the only solution that delivers catalog parts in over 85 native and neutral CAD and graphic formats, including multiple CAD versions.

In 2010, customer feedback included:

  • “During the recent economic downturn, we were looking for a new and innovative way to leverage our technical expertise and provide a useful resource to the end-users of our attachment chain products,” said George Basel, Director of Marketing, U.S. Tsubaki. “The Tsubaki Attachment Chain Configurator provides a service that none of our competitors have and helps to drive more traffic to our website, generate new inquiries, and ultimately grow our sales.”
  • “We honestly didn’t believe there was a technology provider with the technical aptitude to webenable our massive, complicated product line. Yet the unavailability of our products online was causing us to lose business to competitors,” said Bill Wilson, Anderson Instrument Co.
  • “PARTsolutions really took the time to guide us and learn about our business and product line and the quality of their workmanship has exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled to launch our online catalog to our customers and expect it to significantly enhance both our productivity and sales.”
  • “The sales team is taking advantage of the leads produced by the PARTcatalog technology, and have realized the value of them. The percentage of these downloads that provide us with an introduction to a new customer is incredible,” said Justin Alspaugh, Engineering Supervisor, RWM. “Working with PARTsolutions to deliver 3D Part Catalog Technology continues to benefit our business and bottom line.”

In 2011, PARTsolutions will continue its growth by delivering strategic supplier initiatives that help companies find, reuse and control standard and supplier parts. The company is already helping customers – including Man Truck and Bus, Bosch, Airbus and The Boeing Company – save considerable time and money by enabling designers to more quickly and easily find the parts they need. Doing so also offers a significant benefit to manufacturers by allowing their parts to get specified in at the design stage by companies who might not readily have access to their parts.

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Adam Beck

Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions | A Marketing graduate from the Miami University, Farmer School of Business in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.