How to Generate Sales Leads – Made In Britain Video Features exclusive Interview with Power Jacks and CADENAS

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Industrial marketing experts from Power Jacks and CADENAS sat down with Made In Britain to discuss a sales lead generation strategy for manufacturers


How do component manufacturers generate more sales leads by targeting the right people online?

To answer this question, Made In Britain’s chief executive John Pearce sat down with Power Jacks’ marketing director Bruce Hamper and CADENAS UK’s managing director Colin Johnson. This video is the first in Made In Britain series for manufacturers featuring expert advice on how to grow their business.

Why feature Power Jacks and CADENAS for lead generation?

Within 1 year of launching its online product catalog with CADENAS, Power Jacks saw a 30% increase in sales leads and 230% increase in CAD downloads.

Their formula is straightforward: Provide 3D CAD models of your products online and make it easy for customers to find and download them. This promotes the download and use of engineering data in design, enabling the manufacturer’s products to be “built-in” to larger assemblies and purchased downstream.

The Electronic Product Catalog powered by CADENAS is an enterprise tool that makes this formula possible on Power Jack’s website and 90+ download portal sites used around the world. By integrating this tool into its social media strategy, Power Jacks laid the groundwork for an effective, inbound lead generation funnel.

See the full story below, published by Made In Britain.


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Sales lead generation – Made in Britain experts’ advice on video


One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing businesses is sales lead generation. Companies that make things often have to work really hard to find the people who want them. The bizarre irony of this situation is that there are often people out there who need things made and don’t know how to find companies to make them.

Social media has opened up lots of opportunities to bring these people together but it’s not without its flaws. Despite the connectivity of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, targeting the right people still has an element of chance about it.

It has long been a popular and successful marketing tactic to offer something of value to potential customers for free, in the hope that they can be converted into customers down the road. Digital technology has brought countless opportunities to help customers online, often in return for some contact information and the chance to build a relationship.

Computer-aided design (CAD) and component configuration services are now being used to support potential customers when specifying machine parts or building systems. Made in Britain member Power Jacks manufactures screw-jacks in Aberdeen and these powerful mechanised lifting components are used in all kinds of applications in manufacturing and construction.

Power Jacks has been working with a CADENAS to offer potential customers an online tool that helps engineers to specify the screw-jacks they need for their current or next project. Power Jacks has opened up its CAD services, populating it with its own design data and allowing potential customer engineers to adapt the components to their own applications. The CAD model for the specified screw-jack can then be exported from the Power Jacks system and used in the engineer’s own plans. The trade-off for this valuable service? The chance to open a sales conversation from the contact information supplied.

Early in 2019 Made in Britain sat down with Power Jacks, CADENAS and another Made in Britain member, Excell Metal Spinning, to talk about the success of the collaboration and how it might benefit other manufacturing businesses. The representative from Excell also talked about the challenges of social media marketing and how applying it to CADENAS-style lead generation could result in a very powerful marketing combination.

The conversation was chaired by Made in Britain chief executive John Pearce and recorded on video for members to watch and learn from the experiences of those involved.


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