Mad-Scientist Builds Hover-Bike in Shed – Hilarity Ensues

See how Colin Furze Designs and Builds a Working Flying Bicycle!

Mad-Scientist Builds Hover-Bike in Shed – Hilarity EnsuesColin Furze is a REAL mad-scientist, and has the resume to back it up. Although his “scientist” credentials are of the DIY variety, the “mad” part is well documented. In the past he has built bicycles and strollers powered by pulse-jets. The stroller (or “pram” in the Queen’s English) earned him a Guinness world record as “The World’s Fastest Pram.” Sometimes Colin builds props for movies, while other times he just blows things up! He builds these inventions in his home workshop, often with primitive tools. The results are never primitive.

Side note: This maniac never seems to wear ANY safety-equipment either, no helmets, goggles, flame suits or back-braces. Kids, don’t try this at home!

Recently he has taken on the task of the flying bicycle, a-la the speeder bike in Star Wars “The Return of the Jedi.” With reality and physics entering the equation though, it’s more like an over-sized drone that a human can ride/drive. It’s wild, fast and dangerous none-the-less. Instead of the flying bicycle, think of it as the flying Rodeo Bull!

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