Industrial Marketing Content: What’s TOFU got to do with it?

Industrial Marketing Content

Industrial Marketing expert, Achinta Mitra, Chief Content Creator and owner of Industrial Marketing Today, takes a look at TOFU and the specialized industrial marketing content required to get new leads, into TOFU. Not sure what TOFU is? I assure you it has nothing to do with flavorless soy blocks.

How to Create Successful Industrial Marketing Content for TOFU

By: Achinta Mitra

In case you aren’t familiar with the content marketing acronym TOFU, let me define it for you. TOFU stands for top of the funnel and relates to content that attracts qualified visitors to your industrial website or blog.

Creating effective marketing content for TOFU is proving to be a challenge for many manufacturers. That’s because these industrial companies have plenty of product datasheets, user guides and other product-centric marketing collateral but very little content that is customer-centric. Why is this important?

Your TOFU content needs to focus on issues and challenges faced by your visitors before they can be convinced that your products (solutions) are right for them. An industrial blog is a perfect fit for this purpose. I wrote about it in my last post, Purpose Driven Industrial Blogging.

One TOFU content marketing strategy that has proven to be very successful for my industrial clients is to publish blog posts about application notes. These blog posts provide good SEO value for very specific long tail key phrases and drive traffic to a landing page with a simple lead capture form to download the full white paper/application note.

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Industrial Marketing Content: What’s TOFU got to do with it?

For business which manufacture component parts or products which are used in larger assemblies and designs, there are many new avenues to get your products into the hands of prospects. Digital models provided through an online parts catalog is a perfect example of a TOFU offering for component manufacturers.

Those businesses who provide 3D models or digital representations of their products have seen a surge in new business with the latest online parts catalogs. By providing configurable models of parts, in the exact format the customer needs, online parts catalogs are reaching a broader audience, increasing the size of the “Top of the Funnel,” and creating more qualified sales opportunities.

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