IMI Precision Engineering Video Brings Their Parts to Life in new 3D CAD Catalog

IMI Precision Engineering Video Brings Their 3D Parts Content to Life in new 3D CAD Catalog

With the embedded eCATALOG software through PARTsolutions, IMI is able to make finding 3D parts content easier for their customers by giving them the best digital experience.


Make your 3D parts content come to life – no magic spell required.

In a new video, you see a laptop virtually come alive when navigating the IMI website, showing the viewer how to register, view their products, configure their parts, download the CAD files, get detailed information about each part and download pdf data sheets. All options which were made possible through PARTsolutions eCATALOG software.


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Take a look:


Let your website stand out with interactive content:

What an awesome representation of how the eCATALOG brings typical part drawing to life when applied digitally!

Bring your 3D parts content alive today by embedding the CADENAS eCATALOG software on your website.

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