How a Brennan Industrial Fitting is Made Built to Last

Tour Brennan’s facility in Euclid, Ohio to see how an industrial fitting is made!


When you’re talking about large industrial machinery, industrial fittings are one of the easiest components to overlook. The machines in question usually have large moving parts, conveyors and actuators. Heck, some have freakin’ lasers! They’re dangerous and loud and do big impressive jobs.

When you get down to it though, not too many of the “big” parts could properly do their job without the help of the friendly little fitting.

Industrial fittings, usually for hydraulic or pneumatic applications, often connect “this thing” to “that thing,” and need to do it in a very specific manner. Some adapt one type of connection to another, like connecting a pipe-fitting to an O-ring fitting. Some fittings are used to changing the direction of flow, for example with a 90- or 45-degree fitting.  These fittings also handle extremely high pressures for hot or corrosive substances, making the materials, fit and finish of the utmost importance.

Many fittings connect to flexible hoses, to more easily facilitate a connection, but some need to precisely link two or more components within a very finite space, so dimensions are a key concern. While the size and shape of the fitting are typically mandated by a Standard Developing Organization (SDO) – often times these “standard” fittings need to be tailored to fit a specific application.  This is where customization comes into the picture.


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Brennan Industries is known as a leader in industrial fittings, but they can take that a step further when their off-the-shelf products are made from special materials or modified to for a specific application. This process was not always easy. Formerly, engineers would contact Brennan and begin a dialogue about what they needed, and Brennan would propose solutions based on their machinery and tooling. Now an engineer and find, configure and download many of Brennan’s products directly form the web. If they need those modified, Brennan’s specialized CNC machinery can usually handle it with minimal fuss.

What might amaze you is how much of a human touch is involved in manufacturing of a Brennan  industrial fitting. Even with large CNC machines that do much of the heavy lifting, each piece is touched by a member of the Brennan team to ensure quality, cleanliness and safety. Take a tour of Brennan’s Euclid Ohio facility and see how an industrial fitting is made!


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