Engineering the Robo-Wolf

Everyone knows the story of the “Three Little Pigs,” those snarky little swine that pick on the “Big Bad Wolf,” until he gets pretty TO’d. They realize they’re in deep, so they each build a house of straw, sticks or bricks for protection, thinking they’re safe from whatever the ‘ole Wolf can come up with.


Their enemy has other plans though, he huffs and puffs, and blows down the houses made of straw and sticks with ease. Unfortunately for the Wolf, he’s defeated by the pig with the house made of brick. This is a sad story for predatory carnivores, indeed.

But what if the “Big Bad Wolf” was a Cinder-Block Tossing Robo-Wolf? Those little pigs wouldn’t stand a chance! I’ll take mine Carolina-style with cole slaw please!

Watch the video of “Big Dog” aka, The Big Bad Wolf, tossing cinderblocks with ease

About the video

The creative engineers at Boston Dynamics (BD) come up with some of the coolest creations we have ever seen, including the “Sand Flea Jumping Robot” which was featured in a “Crazy Cool” post from last year.

BD has been working on many unorthodox designs for robots to replace humans or animals in many dangerous tasks. Designs include robots with wheels or legs as we see in the “quadro-ped” wolf aka “Big Dog.” They have been demonstrating the resilience of their Big Dog’s balance for a variety of applications, but balancing while picking up and throwing a 30 lb cinder-block is beyond impressive!

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Adam Beck

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