Engineering The Most Expensive BMW Paint Color

Can you guess the most expensive color in the BMW palette?

Engineering The Most Expensive BMW Paint Color silverYou may guess that the color would be some special concoction, creating wild, never-before-seen colors. It figures that a prismatic paint that changes from white-to gold or purple to green would be the most valuable to BMW. But no, the most expensive color is basically silver. It’s a totally bad-a$$ silver though!

The color is actually called “”Pure Metal Silver” and it changes from deep metallic charcoal-grey to a bright shimmering silver. It’s actually very fine pieces of aluminum, suspended in a water-born translucent paint.

The REAL cost of this finish is the prep-work of the vehicle. Usually, factory cars get paint basically hosed onto the body, with the ultimate goal of “look ok, and prevent rust for a while.” This BMW color comes with the preparation and detailed eye of a custom paint job. The body is dipped into a special e-coat primer, to prep the metal and prevent rust. Engineers then spend hours preparing the surface and removing any imperfections. Finally, the paint is applied both by humans and by robots before sealing with a clear topcoat. The results are amazing!

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