Engineering the $1.5M Room Divider Using a Pagani Zonda R

This guy used a crane to bring one of the rarest vehicles on the planet into his home and prop it up as a room divider.


At nearly 20% of the cost of the entire condo, this $1.5M, 750HP carbon fiber beast is slightly under-utilized in it’s current room-dividing deployment, but it’s seriously bad-ass, none-the-less.

For those who are not familiar, a Pagani Zonda is one of the rarest, most over-the-top vehicles on earth. The Zonda “R” is the whiz-bang version with all the bells and whistles: it’s literally a road-going racecar. Built to exacting standards of Italy’s finest craftsman and powered by an insane Mercedes V-12, this is the car for people who think Ferraris and Lamborghinis are a little too “common”.

It’s also worth noting that walls are even more common and pedestrian. I mean, nearly everyone either rents or owns one. What better way to differentiate yourself, and your home, from other dwellings which employ static “walls” to divide space? Use a Pagani Zonda! See all of the photos here.


We have already created several fantasy scenarios where this arrangement makes perfect sense.

Scenario 1: This condo is owed by an international racing driver and his Norwegian fiancé/mechanic. They are using the indoor vertical parking-spot to remove components to use on their primary race car.

Scenario 2: This condo is owned by Batman – by “hiding” his Batmobile in plain sight, he’s throwing us off the trail of his alter-ego. When the “bat light” hits the skyline though, he can flip a switch and drive right off the balcony!


See a Pagani Zonda-R in action on Top Gear

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