Engineering Elegance: The Axial Engine will blow your mind!

The team at Duke Engineering knew there had to be a way to reduce weight and quantity of moving parts in the traditional internal combustion engine. Usually comprised of rows of cylinders, the standard piston engine converts liner force into rotational energy with a crank shaft. Duke re-imagined the design utilizing a reciprocator, converting the linear layout into a circular or axial configuration…and the results are stunning.


Axial Engine Benefits:

  • Vastly less moving parts as compared to linear engine
  • 5 cylinders require only 3 spark plugs but have as many power strokes (per rotation) as a 6 cylinder traditional engine
  • Engine assembly weighs 30% less than traditional engine
  • Connecting rod reciprocator rotated in opposite direction of the crank resulting in super smooth operation
  • Can run on nearly any fuel
  • No valves!

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Adam Beck

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