Engineering Colin Furze’s Underground Doomsday Bunker Mancave

Colin Furze has life figured out. He’s a professional YouTube “maker” and internet celebrity. His builds typically have a common thread; they’re about as awesome as they are useless. He’s built wolverine claws, hoverbikes, jet-scooters, and flamethrowers. But his underground bunker he’s flipped the script. Normally underground bunkers are designed to be useless. They are a dry, safe place to keep food and supplies while you wait for the apocalypse. They collect dust for years ticipating their ultimate purpose. Colin has taken a unique approach to his underground bunker, he’s made it the coolest (and safest, and quietest) underground hangout we’ve ever seen.

Colin lives in Great Britain, where the population density is among the highest in the world. This density means that even in the suburbs, homes are close together and the yards are small. So what happens when you NEED (er, want) more space? You DIG! Ya dig?

Colin’s bunker began with a massive excavation project. He used a backhoe to dig nearly 11 feet down into his back yard. He then began to build the structure from sheet metal and square tube steel, welding the seams and sealing with water resistant coatings. He built the ceiling the same way, only with a sweeping rolled arch for structure and headroom, as well as a cool look.

Once it was a sturdy steel box, in came the concrete. The entire unit was covered with 6 inches to 3 feet of concrete [it is a doomsday bunker after all], before being covered with dirt and sod for a seamless, hidden look.

Now you would never know there is a large dwelling below Colin’s yard. Unless you were invited inside through the secret hatch in the floor of his work shop. It’s dead silent on the surface but Colin is able to do all kinds of outrageously loud things in there. There’s explosions, fireworks, flamethrowers and rock band practice, but above nothing but chirping birds.

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