Electronic Parts Catalog – 2013 Engineering Survey Results

Engineers from 500 companies told us what factors impact their decisions to specify and purchase component parts from manufacturer’s electronic parts catalogs.


One of the most difficult aspects of operating a business is gauging what motivates your customers, and more importantly, what motivates those who don’t do business with you. Everyone is familiar with “1-800 how am I driving?” stickers and the anonymous “feedback drop box” at fast-food restaurants. The problem is, these only encourage negative feedback, not the true barometer of customer feelings most are looking for.

It’s difficult to ask your own customers how they feel about your offering while staying objective. The best feedback comes when information is independent and anonymous.

So, we went ahead and asked engineers what they think about the parts they download and buy from component manufacturer’s parts books.

Electronic Parts Catalog - 2013 Engineering Survey Results

In 2013 CADENAS PARTsolutions conducted a survey of design engineers from more than 500 companies to find out what factors influence their decision to select, specify and purchase component parts for their designs. Giving engineers a forum to discuss the elements they like and dislike about their day-to-day activities and the challenges they encounter when specifying parts for a project.

For any component manufacturer or industrial supplier the results are very interesting. You get some real insight into what engineers struggle with behind the scenes and what can be done to build a great customer experience.

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Electronic Parts Catalog - 2013 Engineering Survey Results

Did you know 88% of engineers have trouble utilizing neutral CAD models in their designs?

It’s true. 88% of the engineers we talked to have problems when they try to use a model not specifically designed for their CAD system. By offering a greater variety of native CAD formats in their electronic parts catalogues, manufacturers are fostering growth by building a superior customer experience.

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