Digital Parts Catalogs 101 : A Reference Guide for Manufacturing Executives, Marketers & Sales Teams

Industrial Marketing: Digital Parts Catalogs 101A digital parts catalog is much more than the name suggests. Many think of a “digital” version of their paper catalog. While this is technically correct, it’s pretty far off-the-mark from a functionality and value standpoint. Today’s digital parts catalogs are dynamic, powerful sales and marketing tools which place a manufacturer’s parts directly in the hands of their customers, not a just a paper catalog on your computer screen.

Digital parts catalogs are an essential resource for manufacturers and their customers. Modern catalogs contain critical product information, part numbers, data sheets, application info, related products, engineering drawings and 3D models in various CAD and imaging formats.

digital parts catalogs

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This brand-new book emphasizes the evolution of integrated online tools that engineers use to make purchasing decisions. Specifically, this guide highlights how industrial component manufacturers are using online product catalogs and configurable CAD downloads to promote and sell more products.

digital parts catalogs

Digital Parts Catalogs 101 is designed as an introduction as well as a reference for industrial manufacturers looking to enhance their sales, marketing and customer service using an online parts catalog or product configurator.

In addition to highlighting the “nuts and bolts” of a digital parts catalog and the value they can deliver for your organization, this book also features real-world examples of businesses both large and small, which have increased sales revenue and improved the customer experience  with their digital parts catalogs, online configuration and CAD downloads.


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