Desktop Engineering Selects PARTsolutions Mobile CAD App as "Pick of the Week"

As you may know, last week, CADENAS PARTsolutions announced our Mobile CAD Apps platform. We are excited to announce that Anthony Lockwood, editor of Desktop Engineering magazine has selected PARTsolutions as the “Pick of the Week”, with a product spotlight and an editorial review.  

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Design Engineering Selects PARTsolutions mobile cad app as pick of the week. See, you can do two things with this technology, and for the life of me I cannot decide which I find more intriguing. So, let’s start alphabetically. End users. Your customers. They download your app from the App Store or Android Market. Sitting at Starbucks, they fire up your app, find a component, and e-mail the model and its data sheets to themselves or a designer. The model gets plunked into an assembly, and they have costing and sourcing details to go into a BOM.


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