Connecting with Happy Clients at the Assembly & Automation Expo

The PARTsolutions crew hit the road last week and headed to Chi-Town for the 2012 Assembly and Automation Expo, June 19-21 at McCormick Place. While the turn out was a little lighter than expected, we were able to connect with many of our customers and catch up.  It was great to see some familiar faces and meet many new folks. It’s always nice to hear first hand how PARTsolutions is helping companies succeed.

Here’s a snap shot of some of the folks we bumped into at the show.

Smalley Steel Ring Company


Ken (left) and Ben (right) from the Smalley Steel Ring Company showed us some of their newest spring technology. PARTsolutions powers the Smalley online catalog, 3D models and CAD download. Thanks for the samples guys!

Nippon Pulse Motor 


Nippon Pulse Motor recently went live with their all new online configurator powered by PARTsolutions. Chris (left) and Jeremy (right) told us from a sales standpoint, “it rocks!” Read the News Announcement and Watch The Video

Reid Supply

Reid Supply, a leading distributor or supplies and component parts, was promoting their
all new catalog, complete with 3D CAD Downloads! Yep, you guessed it – powered by the PARTsolutions crew of course!  Check out their all new catalog online at


Left to right: Steve Hirasawa, Sugatsune Sales Manager; John McKenney, PARTsolutions; and Keith Au, Sugatsune.

When it comes to handles, pulls, knobs, hinges, catches, latches and more, these guys are the kings! They had lots of cool stuff to show us, included the thinnest, most powerful magnet we have seen.  We’re currently putting the finishing touches on their new eCATALOG with CAD download – coming soon! Check them out at



Left to Right: Jay Hopper, PARTsolutions and Travis Thompson, Bimba,  are all grins at the Bimba booth.

Bimba was showing off their PARTsolutions configurator on some super sweet touch screens!  We had some fun with the iPhone Mustache App too!!!

 WD Bearings


It was awesome to bump into WD Bearings, who were our very first client in China. More info:



Festo had a killer booth at the show with lots of live demos!

A big thanks to all of our clients for their continued support over the years. It’s great to work with the best in the business and help contribute to your success!

For a complete list of all our clients worldwide, click here.

2012 Predictions for the CAD catalogs

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