CADENAS Expands eCATALOGsolutions with Native CAD Model Integration with TENADO Design Software

CADNAS Expands eCATALOGsolutoins with Native CAD Models Integration with TENADO CAD Software

For good cooperation: TENADO CEO André Kohut und CADENAS CEO Jürgen Heimbach are happy about their new partnership.

German Software Company and CADENAS Collaborate to Provide Native CAD Models as TENADO Downloads for Their Customers.


September 19, 2018 – As of June 2018, German software company TENADO will be an available CAD platform that manufacturers can provide through their CADENAS and CADENAS PARTsolutions interactive catalog. With this new collaboration, TENADO and CADENAS customers benefit from faster, accuracy-ensured engineering with instant access to native TENADO downloads in a future-proof digital solution.

TENADO CAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) software for engineers, architects and designers working with technical drawings or 3D models. With this intuitive drawing tool and advanced 3D and 2D building visualization, the German-based company is a user-friendly option for inexperienced and fine-tuned designers.


Instant 3D product models, native CAD model downloads and more — see what a product catalog can do for your business.


Intelligent Engineering Data to Speed and Simplify Design Process

With this new partnership, users of CADENAS and CADENAS PARTsolutions’ over 800 manufacturer-certified product catalogs can download standard and purchased parts into native TENADO. This not only saves the engineer precious design time but also ensured the necessary engineering data and manufacturer’s information remain built-in the downloaded part.

In return, TENADO customers have a future-proof solution for providing CAD components for engineers, reducing time and cost spent engineering custom parts in house. CADENAS is also replacing the parts library in all TENADO 2D products.

“Our operators make use of numerous standard and purchased parts in their designs. We as a CAD manufacturer cannot capture everything in a library by ourselves. That’s why we are happy about the cooperation with CADENAS,” says Andrè Kohut, CEO of TENADO GmbH. “We look forward to offering our customers even more components in the future, along with even more possibilities. Thus, our design software will be more flexible, faster and more networked.”


Native 3D and 2D CAD Downloads Across Industries

TENADO provides CAD solutions for several sectors, including metal construction, mechanical engineering, fire prevention, architecture, woodworking and traffic planning. With its integration in CADENAS solutions, users of all industries can obtain the exact 3D part model they need for their design instantly through the interactive catalog.

“The trend is towards 3D in many industries. Our goal is therefore to expand our supply of intelligent CAD engineering data for as many industries as possible. Our cooperative partnership with TENADO makes us all the happier, as their many specialized industry solutions fit our strategy very well,” says Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS GmbH.

About CADENAS PARTsolutions

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