CADENAS Adds Textures & Materials as New Properties in Product Catalogs

Add Texture and Material Visualization to Your Online 3D CAD Model

Manufacturers can use advanced online 3D CAD model visualization to show off their products, thanks to the new texture and material properties available in eCATALOGsolutions.

Looking to enrich your online 3D CAD model data?

Manufacturers can now elevate their product visualization within their electronic configurator with the new textures and materials properties available through eCATALOGsolutions. Powered by CADENAS, the eCATALOGsolutions platform continues to break the boundaries of what an online product configurator can do and offers design engineers and architects the best digital customer experience for customizing and downloading CAD and BIM models.

With individual textures and materials properties, manufacturers can provide customers with a more realistic preview of their designed product. Architects and planners can simulate the respective colors and 3D surface structures of the components in 2D and 3D previews within the product configurator as well as on the 3D CAD download portal, PARTcommunity.

Add Texture and Material Visualization to Your Online 3D CAD Model


Optimum support for architects & planners with sample images

Thanks to the new eCATALOGsolutions feature, manufacturers can preconfigure component properties such as color, gloss, type of metal or wood, textures and surface structure for their online 3D CAD models. Users can then see the improved product models in the 3D viewer and export them as images or animated GIFs, which better support their daily work.

The additional component information about texture and material properties also make high-quality, photorealistic product images possible via rendering. By adding the surface texture, users can create a realistic preview without increasing the complexity of the geometry.


See an example of an online 3D CAD model with the texture and materials properties:

(Still images; not sliders).

Add Texture and Material Visualization to Your Online 3D CAD Model Add Texture and Material Visualization to Your Online 3D CAD Model


Make your products look their best

With the new properties available through eCATALOGsolutions, manufacturers can give their customers the best product visualization and digital samples on the internet.

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