ABB Robotics Transform Peperami Packaging Line into Snack-Sausage Ballet

Thanks to the Robotic genius’ at ABB, our needs for perfectly packaged pepperoni are promptly appeased (try saying that three times fast). The ABB FlexPickerTM IRB 360 system makes short work of a tedious task, aligning and packing “peperami” snacks for distribution faster and more accurately than any human, or humans, possibly could.

Check out the video of ABB Robotics FlexPickerTM in Action.

The secret lies within the ABB Robotics FlexPickerTM robotic gripping and sorting machine. When combined with a state-of-the-art vision system it becomes a formidable peperoni packer. The system is perfect for sorting any item less than 6.6 lb.; the FlexPicker’s capacity. The FlexPickerTM comes with extremely dexterous grippers, capable of grasping and moving the sausage up to 70 inches with unparalleled accuracy while maintaining a delicate touch. You don’t want to squish the sausage!

From ABB Robotics:

The IRB 360 comes in clean room versions and a stainless wash down version suitable for open food industries. The robot is IP 69K certified and designed to be cleaned according to industrial methods.

The IRB 360 robot is the result of 10 years’ experience and research and development combined with proven packaging technology. ABB has over 1800 delta robots installed globally and is the leader in this state of the art picking and packing technology.


About Peperami:

If you don’t hail from Germany, Mexico or Great Britain, you may not be familiar with Peperami sausage snacks. From our extensive research, we have determined these are similar to a “Slim Jim” in the United States, although they are pointier and have a wild Peperami “Animal” in their commercials. (See below)

Fun Fact: Peperami boast having 13.8 grams of pork in every 10 gram snack! Thank you food scientists!

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