3D Parts TERMINATOR! Zierick Surface Mount Terminals


We’re pretty sure that once scientists get the opportunity to reverse engineer our first Terminator robot, most likely a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (the Arnold one), they’ll find a couple of these babies inside. They just need to invent time travel so one can visit us from the future!

I just hope that when the machines become “self-aware” that I don’t get attacked by my toaster for poking it with a butter knife!

For the PARTsolutions PART of the Week, we’re excited to show off this #1286 – Surface Mount Insulation Piercing Crimp Terminal from Zierick’s newly released 3D parts catalog.

These unique connectors were developed as a way to quickly and easily connect wires to a circuit board while using the smallest footprint possible. Now available as a CAD download from the new Zierick 3D parts catalog, these can quickly be integrated into CAD designs in more than 150 native formats.

You can say “Hasta-la-vista” to the days of redrawing components for your CAD design.

Check out the Zierick 1286 Live 3D Model (no cad required)

Zierick 1286 3D parts PDF

To MOVE/ROTATE the component, click on the object and move the mouse in any direction.

ZOOM by clicking with the right mouse button and moving the mouse

More about the Zierick 1286 Surface Mount Insulation Piercing Crimp Terminal

Zierick Manufacturing Corp. has developed a family of SMT connectors which are highly reliable and provide an economical way to connect a wire to a Surface Mount Printed Circuit Board.

The 1286 was named the recipient of the prestigious Higgins-Caditz Award presented by the Precision Metalforming Association in its annual “Awards of Excellence in Metalforming” competition. This honor provides global recognition of Zierick’s unique and innovative new metal-stamping-based system that connects wires to surface mount printed circuit boards.


  • Most economical way to terminate wire to board (we told you they were “Terminators”)
  • Smallest footprint
  • High current carrying capability
  • No separate strain relief required
  • High resistance to wire flexing and axial and radial pull forces
  • Lends itself to high speed automated termination
  • Designed to be bulk fed with a special feeder
  • Available in taped format

Visit Zierick to learn more about their unique line of products

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