3D CAD Models are the Evergreen Content Industrial Marketers Need

3D CAD Models are the Evergreen Content Industrial Marketers Need

See why a digital parts catalog can prove to be the best asset in an industrial marketing arsenal

Industrial marketers have a particular set of challenges when it comes to creating their ideal marketing ecosystem. Many of their tried-and-true marketing initiatives, just dont have the bang for the buck that they once did. To make things worse, they are bombarded with the notion that “content is king.” All you have to do is is provide irresistible content, and the visits, leads and sales will follow.

Creating “irresistible content” is usually where the challenge arises. Industrial marketers often see their own products and business as “boring,” making it difficult for them to create interesting or useful content for their online marketing strategy. To increase the challenge, industrial marketers often have modest budgets when compared to retail brands. They don’t have to dollars to create “sizzle” around their products. All that has changed, today’s industrial marketers have the ultimate marketing content card up their sleeve.

3D CAD Models are Industrial Marketing Content

Industrial marketing content is more than just blog posts, whitepapers and downloadable tools. Content is any tangible asset you are willing to share with visitors. Many industrial manufacturers have realized there is marketing wealth in their engineering library. To prove it, CADENAS PARTsolutions clients provided engineers with 106,000,000 digital part downloads in 2014.

3D CAD Models are the Evergreen Content Industrial Marketers Need

With any marketing initiative there are always considerations of Return on investment (ROI), customer need, placement, timing and longevity. Industrial Marketers are looking to create evergreen content that industrial buyers need, again and again. With many pieces of marketing content it’s easy to check a few, but very difficult to fulfill all of these requirements.

3D CAD Models Return on Investment

As is true with all content marketing, 3D CAD Models they have a great return for every dollar spent. Many industrial manufacturers receive hundreds or thousands of monthly leads from their digital parts catalog.



ROI actually “snowballs” for marketing content. In the study by Kapost, you can see how marketing content’s potency grows steadily as it ages online. The content becomes more and more known by an ever larger audience. Search engines give it added authority and it produces more monthly leads as it matures. In the blue graph you can see the ROI for industrial marketing content as a very conservative 31 leads per $1000 spent.

Customer Needs

It’s one thing to provide volumes of content which nobody is interested in, its another to provide something clients truly need. Engineers need 3D CAD Models of components and parts for their designs; otherwise they would have to re-draw every part they purchase just to test within their assemblies. In the 2015 Industrial Sales and Marketing Report, 46% engineers said they would choose and alternate supplier if their preferred vendor didn’t supply native cad models.


Placement Is Important

Marketing content placement is key, in order to gain conversions which lead to sales. There is no better placement for valuable content than your own website. By providing 3D CAD models on your site you entice engineers to visit again and again.

Timing and Longevity

Timeliness can easily spell success or failure for marketing content. You want that blog post discussing “The Science of Katy Perry’s Superbowl Halftime Show” to show up the day after the event, or else it’s irrelevant. Even if you strike gold and get the article written just in time, it’s got a short shelf life.  Here is what differentiates 3D CAD models from every other piece of marketing content.

  • If your parts are available online, the timing is always right. Engineers are hard at work, scouring the web for parts they need for their designs. You want your parts to be available when they’re searching…which is now!
  • 3D CAD Models are evergreen – as long as your 3D models match the physical parts you sell. They’re always relevant. Evergreen content baby!


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Adam Beck

Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions | A Marketing graduate from the Miami University, Farmer School of Business in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.