207 Mph Rocket-Powered Bicycle whips Ferrari F430 in Drag Race

The Ferrari never had a chance, it was over before the smoke cleared.

Normally, if you’re they guy rolling in a red Ferrari 430, you expect to be the fastest thing on the street. You pretty much run the show, you know you’re the “BMOC,” “Head Honcho” or “The Big Cheese.” Usually, that’s the case. From stoplight-to-stoplight not much is gonna top your little Ferrari…except maybe for a dude with a rocket strapped to a Ten-Speed.


For background let me give you some stats on the Ferrari F430:

List price $262,306
Engine, transmission 4.3-liter V-8; 6-sp manual
HP@ rpm 503 @ 8500
Torque, lb-ft @ rpm 347 @ 5250
0–60 mph 3.3 sec
0–100 mph 7.8 sec
Standing ¼ Mile 11.4 sec @ 123.0 mph
Top speed 198 mph


Pretty stout stats huh? The only problem is the Schwinn’s got him beat in every way! Note The bicycle’s 0-200 mph time vs the Ferrari 0-100 mph!


List price $??
Engine, transmission Dual Engine: Human Pedal Power OR Rocket
Power 4.2 kN (944 pounds) of thrust (Approx 560 hp)
Torque, lb-ft @ rpm ??
0–60 mph ?? sec
0–200 mph 4.8 sec
Standing ¼ Mile 6.8 sec @ 207 mph
Top speed 207+ mph

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Adam Beck

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