‎The Manufacturing Executive Podcast: The Power of the CAD Model w/Adam Beck

The Power of the CAD Model


Imagine if there was one piece of content that inspired your ideal prospects to give you their contact information AND spec your products into their designs at the same time. What would that do for you as an industrial marketer and for your company’s bottom line?

Traditional content marketing lead capture content like white papers, eBooks, and case studies are great, don’t get me wrong. They all play their role in educating and adding value to your customers. However, at the end of the day, our job as marketers isn’t just to get email addresses from tire kickers. Our job is to introduce potential customers to our products and get them to purchase them.

Our very own Adam Beck was interviewed by Joe Sullivan from Gorilla 76 for the Manufacturing Executive Podcast. In the interview, Adam shares about how to flip the script with your content marketing strategy. Instead of talking about how awesome your company is, you can solve real problems your prospects face and build trust. That trust leads to spec’d products and ultimately to sales.

Quote from Adam Beck from The Power of CAD Models Podcast Episode.

In the podcast, Adam explains how to go from creating one-off lackluster content pieces to having hundreds or even thousands of content pieces that drive bottom-line sales to your business.

By focusing on what your customers want, and giving it to them, you can transform your marketing by adding just one new type of content to your mix. The best part is, you already have the content. You just need to package it right.

Learn how by listening to the podcast:

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