LinkedIn Ad Targeting for Industrial Marketers

Grow your business with Linkedin Ad Targeting! Join Joe Sullivan, Mary Keough and Adam Beck, as they roll up their sleeves and dig into Linkedin Ad targeting. In this practical, hands-on session you’ll see how to reach your ideal audience and deliver helpful, problem-solving content using Linkedin tools.


Learn How to:

  •           Uncover the buying process influencers and what matters most to them
  •           Segment the audience for better ad targeting
  •           Reduce costs by targeting tightly within your ad budget
  •           Increase conversions to your core audience
  •           Create amazing content to help drive conversions


About Joe:

Joe Sullivan is an Industrial Marketing Consultant of 10+ years and cofounder of Gorilla 76. In addition to co-leading the agency, Joe serves as the company business development lead and consults Gorilla 76’s clients on both sales and marketing strategy. Much of his time is dedicated to crafting thought leadership content in our Industrial Marketing Learning Center and hosting The Manufacturing Executive – a growth strategy podcast for manufacturing leaders.


About Mary:

Mary Keough is a Thinker and Strategist at Gorilla 76. She brings a passion for communicating products and services in a clear and direct way for both customers and a global team. With a history of content creation, management and enhancement, she is constantly seeking opportunities to reach and influence others with the power of words.


About Adam:

Adam Beck is the Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions. A marketer for 20 years, Adam works with businesses and manufacturers every day, helping them deliver content and optimize their digital customer experience. The Goal: deliver a strategic marketing vision that puts everyone in a position to succeed.

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Joseph Lewin

Innovation moves the world forward. My goal is to enable engineers to spend more time innovating by reducing non-value-added tasks through effective reuse strategies.