Caster Central Adds Caster Configurator with CAD Model Downloads to Online Catalog

Caster and Storage Handling Solutions Distributor Adds Caster Configurator to Online Catalog.

Caster Central, an everyday caster and storage handling solutions provider, has now launched an online caster configurator to showcase multiple brands of casters. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the addition of this caster configurator will streamline the design and specification process for engineers and OEMs by allowing them on-demand access to 3D CAD models.

Making the Case for an Online Caster Configurator

Caster Central designs and installs casters, wheels, and material handling products. Whether you are a mechanical engineer, a process engineer, or a project manager, Caster Central has products for every project. “We sell to every industry you can think of,” said Vicki Palermo-Forney, a manager at Caster Central. “Everything from military, furniture, biotech, aerospace, and medical industries use our products and services.”

online caster configuratorPrior to launching the caster configurator, Caster Central would direct users to a distributor website to log in and request CAD files. Now customers can self-service on the Caster Central website and instantly download the needed files. The new online caster configurator offers 3D CAD files in more than 100 formats, making the buying process easier for Caster Central and their end users. “I think this configurator is a great addition to our website,” added Palermo-Forney. “We’re working continuously on improving our website and the overall customer experience.”

Caster Central expects these new features to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. “Having product information immediately accessible and easily found online has already helped our customers get the right product and complete their projects quicker than ever before,” finished Palermo-Forney.


About Caster Central

Caster Central is the leading caster and wheel provider for all your transportation and handling needs. With over 150 years in business, we understand the need for reliable mobility solutions. No matter the application, we have a high-quality solution for your company’s use.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best caster, wheel, and material handling solutions possible. We strive to provide the perfect solution for each and every customer, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible product for your needs.

Thanks to our devoted team, we have provided clients with top-quality caster solutions for years. Our customers get the best solutions for their needs and suitable recommendations from skilled professionals.

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