WC Branham Launches Gearbox and Caliper Disc Brake Configurator

WC Branham has recently launched an all-new gearbox and disc brake configurator to provide customers with custom right angle gearboxes and caliper disc brakes. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the online tool provides on-demand access for engineers to find, configure and download the products they need. This service enables Branham’s online audience to quickly access CAD product data for use within their projects.

In addition to their gearboxes and disc brakes, WC Branham also provides air-over-oil intensifiers and pneumatic linear actuators. As the online tool grows, self-configurable CAD data files for these products will also become available for online customers. Simplifying the process of accessing CAD product data is integral for Branham’s custom products and agile way of doing business.

“Our right angle gearboxes have become the most requested CAD data, and we want to make sure we have our products ready for those customers,” Chad Randleman, General Manager at WC Branham, stated.

WC branham gear box and disc brake configurator

“Our users are spread across many industries – the applications are almost endless,” Randleman continued. With such a wide range of users, nearly 40% of Branham’s business is custom products. This created a challenge for Branham and their customers. Prior to launching their new gearbox and disc brake configurator, Branham engineers would have to manually configure each product CAD file upon request which caused a short delay in getting the file(s) into customers’ designs.

“Now we can respond faster and more efficiently to those customer requests,” Troy Branham, Owner and President of WC Branham, said. “That’s definitely helped us and our users save time.”

“The broad offering of different CAD file formats has also been a benefit,” Randleman added. Branham’s new tool delivers configured product information in more than 100 native and neutral formats, including configured PDF datasheets. “We haven’t had a single instance of customers needing a new or different file format since our partnership with CADENAS.”


 About WC Branham

WC Branham Solutions in Motion was founded by “W.C.” over 40 years ago and is an industry leader in pneumatic and hydraulic industrial machinery automated components. Branham’s focus has always been providing products that fit your needs and are made to meet and exceed your expectations. WC Branham is friendly and easy to do business with because they remain fully immersed in the end result of your projects.

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