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Adam Savage Engineered the Perfect Tattoo

Photo from Michelle Steele on Quora   Engineers around the world: “Why didn’t I think of that?” Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a project needing quick measurements? Maybe you were hunting through your toolbox trying to…


How You Can Save 2 Hours a Week on Engineering Designs

Add Value to Your Designs You didn’t go to school to spend hours re-modeling screws, brackets, or fasteners. You became an engineer to bring new ideas and solutions into our world. Why continue wasting your time, when you can save…


How Working with Engineers Taught Me to Be a Better Marketer

how engineers taught me to be a better industrial marketer

B2B Industrial Marketing Stories: Lara Schneider, Marketing Manager at Toshiba, shares tactical advice and strategies for turning your SMEs’ knowledge into content engineers want.   Get the PDF Slide Deck Access the full videos from the Summit here.   Want…


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