Engineering the Force From Star Wars

Blue and red Lightsabers

Hello there! Even though Star Wars is science fiction, that hasn’t stopped engineers from bringing parts of the movies to life, including the Force. Read on to learn how the Force and four other pieces of Star Wars lore are…


The LEGO vacuum that sorts your bricks!

The LEGO vacuum that sorts your bricks

See how this crafty engineer solved one of our most dangerous problems: LEGO blocks on the floor! It only takes one incident, and you’ll never forget it. It’s late at night. You’re creeping quietly through the house, and then it…


What Industrial Marketers Need To Know About STEP files

What is STEP and What are STEP files?

“STEP,” “STEP model,” and “STEP files” are terms that are casually thrown around in the industrial space. An engineer might say, “Just send ’em a STEP file,” or “Hold on, I’ll STEP this out for you.” Many marketers get enough…


Engineering a Robotic Piano That Speaks English

Engineering a Piano that Speaks English

Engineer Mark Rober recently introduced “Chopsticks,” a robotic piano that speaks English. While it seems unusual to want a talking piano, musicians have been on this quest for a long time. Getting an instrument to replicate the sound of a…


Get to Know Your CADENAS PARTsolutions Team: Mark Hornor

Picture of Mark Hornor, 800x600 px

Meet Mark Hornor, Your Development Consultant and Territory Manager of Latin America! Mark will sell CADENAS PARTsolutions software to Latin American companies. He has experience with manufacturing and CAD and has worked in Latin America for over 20 years. What…