Advance Automation Company Adds Cylinder CAD Models to Online Catalog

Industrial cylinder manufacturer adds NFPA and OEM cylinders to online configurator.

Advance Automation Company, a manufacturer of industrial cylinders, has added their pneumatic and hydraulic products to their online catalog. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the addition of this configurator will streamline the design and specification process for engineers and OEMs by allowing them on-demand access to 3D cylinder CAD models.

Advance Automation Company’s fluid power solutions are utilized across many industries. “Whether it’s plastics, machinery, car washes, food products, or agricultural equipment, if you want to move it, our cylinders will do it,” Mark Appelhans, Vice President at Advance Automation Company, stated. These varying applications lead to thousands of possible cylinder configurations for their buyers.

“Prior to our online catalog, we just did not have the capability to provide the information engineers needed to make a purchase conveniently,” Leslie Gleason, a manager at Advance Automation Company, said. “We could only give customers and distributors 2D drawings that engineers then had to convert themselves. Today’s customers require CAD files.”

The new online catalog and configurator offer 3D Cylinder CAD model files in thousands of formats, making the buying process easier for Advance Automation Company, their distributors, and end users. “Now our customers have all the options at their fingertips. They can explore different products while customizing the cylinders to their needs,” Appelhans added. “Internally and for our distributors, the configurator has made us more organized. There is no more time wasted trying to understand unique codes. Everything is uniform and leaves no room for error.”

Advance Automation Company expects these new features to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. “We are appealing directly to the people who are designing and purchasing,” Gleason finished. “Being able to drop the cylinder right into their existing product or new project, in a compatible format, is a huge selling point for distributors and engineers. This update will keep us at the forefront of the cylinder industry.”

About Advance Automation Company
Advance Automation Company, a manufacturer of industrial pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders since 1960, adheres to high standards in product quality as well as service. The company prides itself on outstanding quality control and personalized customer service. Since its inception, Advance Automation Company played an integral role in setting the standards for today’s aluminum cylinder industry. Millions of Advance Automation Company cylinders are meeting a wide variety of fluid power applications in industries such as packaging, automotive, agricultural, and plastics.

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