Industrial Marketing Web Design Strategy – Why You Need a Content BOM

Guest Blog post by Achinta Mitra
Originally published on Industrial Marketing Today on September 2, 1012

Intro: We’re excited to introduce our first guest blog post by industrial marketing guru Achinta Mitra. Achinta helps industrial marketers get out the the dark ages and use  content-based inbound marketing to drive engagement, leads and sales. 


Why a Content BOM is Crucial to a Successful Industrial Web Design

Content BOM is not a typo in my headline. Read on…

I am amazed how often I find that creating content is an afterthought for people who are considering an industrial web design (more commonly a site redesign). Somehow, they assume the web designer will take care of content creation and the cost is included in their proposal for designing the site.


It is not surprising then that many of these industrial web redesigns are nothing more than a cosmetic facelift with copy-pasted content from their old site and/or outdated marketing collateral. Beyond the initial “looks nice” reaction, the new site doesn’t produce the results that were promised and expected.

What went wrong? The short answer – no content BOM (Bill Of Materials). Let me explain by using my personal experience.

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