The Challenge: Managing 3D Part Catalogs

Like most companies with large design teams, you may have implemented Product Data Management (PDM) to manage your product designs and bill of material (BOM) through development. You most likely are also using your PDM system to vault your 3D standard part libraries. The challenge comes when you have multiple product programs which may be using different versions of your CAD system or even different CAD systems. To support the various CAD formats across your design teams, you are forced to duplicate, translate or continually migrate your CAD libraries to different CAD formats lleading to standard part proliferation.


PARTenterprise is designed to compliment your PDM system by eliminating storing your 3D standard part catalogs in a PDM system, which was never designed to manage catalogs of configurable parts. PARTenterprise provides a true part catalog system that design teams centralized access to your 3D standard part catalogs and delivers hi-fidelity 3D CAD parts with full history and attribute information in any native CAD format. PARTenterprise‘s 3D Part Catalog Management plugs into your CAD system to make it ease to find, reuse, and control standard parts, while integration to PDM ensure that parts do not get duplicated in your PDM environment. PARTenterprise ensures standard part reuse, part consolidation, and part compliance, all while minimizing the IT management required to manage standard part catalogs.

PARTenterprise Brochure

PARTenterprise Brochure


CAD-Native Content

CAD Content eCATALOGsolutions is the only solution that delivers catalog parts in over 85 native CAD formats. Once your catalog is created in PARTsolutions proprietary catalog recipe technology, your customers will be able to configure and generate your products in any major CAD format or version, thereby eliminating the migration or translation of your catalogs to different CAD formats. With eCATALOGsolutions, you will model your product catalog for the last time!.

To help transition companies through the part consolidation process, PARTenterprise provides capabilities for indexing and cataloging your existing native catalog parts to allow you to utilize your current investment in catalogs parts, as you grow you transition to CAD-native.

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Flexible SearchPARTenterprise’s Flexible Search allows designers to search for parts using any relevant information that they know. PDM systems typically require you to know a part number to find a standard part. But as you know, depending on their background, designers may know a vendor part number, a standards part number, or your OEM part number.

PARTsolutions allows you to search not only using part numbers, but using specifications, attributes, or even Geometric compare. The Flexible Search enables designers to reduce search time, browse hundreds of catalogs with millions of configurations of parts fast– literally seconds, which makes it easy to find reuse alternatives.

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Access Control

Simple ControlPARTenterprise provides simple control to ensure designers are selecting approved parts. Parts can be classified using industry standard or company proprietary classification. Control states allow you to designate parts as Preferred, Approved, or Restricted parts. The PDM and ERP integration allow you to aggregate data from other systems directly in the catalog so that you can see ERP or PDM part numbers, approval states, or other pertinent information. When a part is selected in the catalog, it can be check against the PDM vault to make sure duplicate parts do not get put into the environment.

Simple Control provides value by helping avoid part duplication, while enforcing company guidelines and ensuring design.

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