Hamilton Caster Offers Ground Support for some Big Birds with Dual-Wheel Casters

“The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who… looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space… on the infinite highway of the air.” ― Wilbur Wright



Aviation is one of those things with the ability to fascinate people both young on old. Similar to the mystery of The Great Pyramids and Donald Trump’s hair, most of us don’t fully understand how it works, which makes it even more captivating.

Once in the air, those massive aircraft are as light as a feather but on the ground they weigh thousands of pounds. (A 747 weighs 147,000 lb.)

Hamilton Caster Offers Ground Support for some Big Birds with Dual-Wheel Casters


This is where Hamilton Caster comes into the scene, with their ground support dual-wheel casters

Rated up to 8,400 lbs. each, Hamilton’s dual-wheel, solid pneumatic casters thrive on tarmac and rough terrain. For aerospace, military and manufacturing industries that depend on moving product from one nearby facility to another, these rugged wheels provide the perfect solution. Despite their 25” wheel size, they still run low to the ground for a smooth, cushioned ride.

On the Ground, Airplane Wings Ride on Hamilton

Our ground support casters recently passed muster in one of the most demanding industries, when Howard Carlson of Atlanta Caster sold eight similar models to a major aerospace manufacturer.

Hamilton Caster Offers Ground Support for some Big Birds with Dual-Wheel Casters

The 25” dual-wheel, full pneumatic casters (four swivel and four riding) haul 24,000-lb. aircraft loads across multiple manufacturing hubs. With high shock absorption, they easily (but slowly, at less than 3 mph) move the delicate payloads across the tarmac that separates each facility. Find out more at www.hamiltoncaster.com

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