Purchineering Lean Engineering

PURCHINEERING lean engineering system aims to combine the purchasing and engineering processes. The optimization and cooperation of both areas ensures that companies considerably increase their competitive advantage.

PURCHINEERING Fills The Gap Between Engineering & Purchasing with Lean Engeineering

Often, there are different opinions in the departments about what is the best component: While the purchasing department will prefer the cheapest product, the engineer will choose the technically most sophisticated product.

CADENAS PARTsolutions helps support the PURCHINEERING lean engineering concept and thus also the engineer and purchaser with its Strategic Parts Management system PARTsolutions.


The company will profit considerably if the cooperation between the purchasing and engineering department is optimized:

Avoid Maverick Buying
Define preferred parts and suppliers.

Make or Buy Analysis
For which parts do we have know-how, which parts can be purchased externally.

Global Sourcing
Choose the ideal supplier while considering the production site.

Product- & Supplier Transparency
Make the best decision for parts and suppliers by considering the technical and economical characteristics.

Kanban & Logistics Processes
Reduce the process costs for c-parts.

Change Management
Information about the End of Life or changes of the supplier data for purchase and engineering.

Cost Analysis / Design2Cost
Cost analysis on the basis of general price inquiries for standard and supplier parts or price analysis of standard-, company- and supplier parts which are already available in the ERP and PLM system.