Bimba Electronic Parts Catalog is all about Ease of Doing Business

Bimba has made “Ease of Doing Business” (EODB) a primary goal for their website and customer service, keyed upon implementation of an electronic parts catalog with 3D CAD downloads.

What is EODB? It’s all about businesses taking steps to simplify their customer interactions. In return for their efforts, customers will enjoy working with them, and return again and again.

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Striving for EODB has become a strategic driver for businesses across the board, especially large industrial manufacturers, who are historically known to be tough to navigate. Traditionally, for a client to specify a manufacturer part into their design they would need to find the part in a paper catalog, call the manufacturer (during their business hours) and request the model. Then the manufacturer would have to send the request to engineering and have the model created before sending to the customer to “test” in their design. If it works great, If not, the process starts all over again.

Bimba Electronic Parts Catalog is all about Ease of Doing Business

Bimba replaced their static online catalog with an advanced electronic parts catalog and product configurator powered by PARTsolutions. With the new state-of-the-art electronic parts catalog, Bimba will more effectively (and easily) meet the needs of its customers.

With an electronic parts catalog, Bemba has become one of the easiest manufacturer’s to do business with. The parts are available for their customers to configure, create and download from their website. It’s open 24 x 7 and the models are available in every major format on the market. What could be easier?