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American Cylinder 3D CAD Library
Bimba interactive product catalog Misumi interactive product catalog
Welker interactive product catalog NKK interactive product catalog
Sheffer Digital Product Catalogs Colder Digital Product Catalogs
Hub City Digital Product Catalogs Siemens  Digital Product Catalogs

A digital product catalog or 3D CAD library is much more than the name suggests. Many think of a “digital” version of their paper catalog. While this is technically correct, its off the mark from a function and value standpoint. Today’s 3D CAD libraries are dynamic, powerful tools which place a manufacturers parts in the hands of their users, not a paper catalog on your computer screen.

Digital product catalogs have rapidly become a must-have for engineers and designers who rely on the time-saving capabilities to complete their job on time and under budget. Now that digital parts catalog technology has matured, companies are expanding their offering with powerful features and capabilities to drive marketing leads and sales revenue into the future.

CADENAS PARTsolutions provides 3D CAD library services, software and hosting for more than 600 manufacturers worldwide, but what are the business benefits? The concept is easy, when manufacturers provide configurable product models in a 3D Cad library, it’s easier for their clients to find and configure the part the need. Once they have found the part in the 3D CAD library, they can download a model in their native format to text in their CAD design, or they can share with other departments by generating a 3D PDF data sheet. That is just a few of the reasons why leading manufacturers chose to work with CADENAS PARTsolutions for Digital parts catalogs, 3D CAD library and standard parts management software.