Digital Parts Catalog & Standard Parts Management Solutions for Industrial Manufacturers

CADENAS PARTsolutions helps industrial manufacturers drive revenue and cut costs with powerful software solutions. Our digital parts catalogs with interactive 3D CAD model downloads drive sales, while our standard parts management solutions save time and money for engineering teams.

Our eCATALOGsolutions include:

  • Online product catalogs 
  • Interactive product configuration software 
  • Instant 3D models preview and CAD downloads in over 150 formats 
Our PARTsolutions platform includes: 

  • Standard parts management solution
  • Find, reuse & control supplier parts 
  • Internal standard part management

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  • 3D Electronic Parts Catalog Creation by PARTsolutions

    Put your products at the fingertips of millions of design engineers around the world and boost your sales. Make your products available online with an interactive 3D CAD catalog. Enable buyers to configure the product they want and download it in the CAD format they need.


  • CADENAS PARTsolutions Purchineering

    Don’t waste thousands of engineering hours searching for standard parts or redesigning them. Stop creating bottlenecks in purchasing with unapproved supplier parts and inaccurate materials info. Start PURCHINEERING – the next level of lean.


  • Samtec Inc. NEW 3D CAD Models

    Samtec Inc. NEW 3D CAD Models

    Learn how this tool adds speed and flexibility for engineers specifying Samtec components.


  • Toshiba Online Product Configurator

    Toshiba Online Product Configurator

    Toshiba Sales Leads Increase by 360% with Embedded Online Product Configurator


  • Baldor•Dodge Online Part Configurator

    Baldor•Dodge Online Part Configurator

    Online part configurator gives on-demand access for engineers worldwide


  • The Perfect Pair of 3D CAD Models

    The Perfect Pair of 3D CAD Models

    Hub City and Marathon Motors Online Configurator Matches Gearboxes with Motors


  • Engineers Without a Parts Management System Waste 59 Days a year

    Engineers Without a Parts Management System Waste 59 Days

    See how supplier parts cost engineers 59 days per year.


  • LED Lighting Digital Part Models

    LED Lighting Digital Part Models

    Lighting Manufacturer Now Provides Configurable 3D CAD Models and 3D PDF Data sheets via Online Parts Catalog


  • 2015 Download Record: CADENAS PARTsolutions Provides 150 Million Digital CAD Blocks for Partner Manufacturers

    150M Digital Part Downloads in 2015

    2015 Download Record: PARTsolutions Provides 150M Digital CAD Blocks for Mfgs


  • Digital Part Catalogs 101

    Top eBook: Digital Part Catalogs

    An introduction for industrial manufacturers looking to beef up their marketing plan.


  • AIA NAS Standard 3D Parts

    AIA NAS Standard 3D Parts

    AIA NAS Standard 3D Parts featured in Aerospace Manufacturing & Design


  • REVIT 3D BIM Configurator

    Milwaukee Valve Adds REVIT® BIM Modeling Format to CAD Product Configurator Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions


  • PHD Configurable Product Catalog

    Client success story: PHD configurable product catalog


  • 3D Parts Content Downloads

    3D Parts Content: Design2part Magazine features new Rotomation Configurator built by CADENAS PARTsolutions