Product Configurator

Online Product Configuration Makes Purchasing Your Products A Snap

Remove the barriers that make it difficult to order your products with visual online product configuration software. Give your customers the ability to quickly configure the exact product they want and instantly download it in the format they need – on the fly, in real time, with PARTsolutions product configuration software. 

PART solutions product configuration software

How You Can Benefit

By utilizing our product configuration software to deliver valuable tools and content to your customers, you can:

  • Generate highly qualified marketing & sales leads
  • Drive more sales by getting your products “designed in”
  • Make ordering your products a breeze
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Our Product Configurator Features:

Our product configuration software is the most robust and advanced technology on the market.

  • Downloadable 3D models in 150 formats
  • Rules-based intelligent configuration
  • Automatic part number generation
  • Reverse part number lookup
  • 3D PDF data sheets
  • 2D drawings
  • Mates and constraints true motion technology
  • Embedded seamlessly into your existing website or online catalog
  • Works on All Browsers (Not just IE)
  • Mobile Compatibility

Why Native CAD?

Design teams use many different CAD systems to get the job done. Many teams use multiple CAD systems. PARTsolutions is the only catalog and product configurator provider with output to native CAD formats.

product configuration software format chart

When your configurator is built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, design engineers can download your products in 150 native and neutral CAD and graphic formats, versions and revisions. That means no matter what system your customers are using, they can get your parts in native format which can be easily imported with all geometric integrity and meta data intact.


Why You Should Care About Browsers

Would it be acceptable for your products to work for only half your customers? Of course not. If your catalog only works on IE, you’re missing sales opportunities on over half your traffic.

Between the web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari) and the mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile), it’s not enough for your catalog and configurator to work on just a few browsers or devices. We still see scores of sites that only fully support IE. Your solution must work everywhere. In years past, compatibility with Internet Explorer was a pretty safe bet. Not anymore. Recent research shows that Internet Explorer has just 37% of the market. Firefox has 23% and Chrome is gaining fast at 20% of all web traffic. Companies can’t afford to miss out on over the 63% of traffic that is coming from browsers other than Internet Explorer.