Mobile App Solutions for Industrial Manufacturers – 3D CAD App

Sales Configuration Goes Mobile with a 3D CAD App

Give your distributors, reps and customers the ability to quickly find and configure the part they need on the fly with our mobile 3D CAD App as part of your catalog data solution.

It goes without saying that mobile is huge. In just the past few years, analysts estimate sales of close to 100 million tablet devices with the iPad taking 65% of the market share and Android devices at 35%. Almost every manufacturer or distributor we know are working on a mobile app or 3D CAD app to enable their distributors and field sales people to share product information with customers and prospects.

We’ll Help You Build Your Mobile Sales Kit with a 3D CAD App and More!

CADENAS PARTsolutions is now in our 2nd generation mobile app and we can help you:

  • Enable your product catalog for mobile with a 3D CAD App
  • Create a custom iPad or Android App featuring your catalog, configurator, data sheets and more
  • Establish you as a cutting edge leader on the latest technologies
  • Expand your reach and enhance your customer experience

Cadenas PARTsolutions 3D cAD app / mobile app ipad configurator


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