3D CAD Models & 2D Drawings

With CADENAS PARTsolutions eCATALOG solutions platform, manufacturers have the ability to provide 2D and 3D CAD models in more than 150 formats. Why require clients to speak your CAD language, when you can speak theirs. 

Whether your customers use the latest in 3D modeling technology or more simple 2D designs, you can be sure to provide them drawings and models of your products in the exact CAD language they need. 


Optimal CAD data for engineers

Provide engineers with maximum ease-of-use throughout their product development cycle. With eCATALOGsolutions you make your product data available so engineers can embed these into their designs simple and easily.

CAD models with intelligent information

The geometry of a part alone is not enough for construction. With eCATALOGsolutions your Electronic Product Catalog contains CAD models with intelligent functions that go beyond simple geometry. This gives engineers the opportunity to test the path of motion already in the CAD system.

CADENAS  eCATALOGsolutions offers intelligent functions for CAD models

More than 85 different CAD formats

With the Electronic Product Catalog, your products are available as native 3D CAD models in over 85 different file formats in current CAD systems, such as: CATIA®, Autodesk® Inventor®, SolidWorks®, Creo Parametric, NX™, AutoCAD® or Solid Edge®.

Your components in over 85 different CAD formats

Necessity of Multi CAD on the example of various car manufacturers

A very comprehensive specification document of the respective car manufacturer regulates how the CAD data of supplier- and standard parts needs to be to use it for designing.

Necessity of Multi CAD automotive manufacturers

The CAD System CATIA is very common, however there are car manufacturers who rely on other CAD Systems like NX™. Automotive component manufacturers do not only have to provide their CAD data in various CATIA formats, but also prepare their data for other CAD Systems like NX.

The Electronic Product Catalog eCATALOGsolutions CADENAS supports:

  • BMW Group guideline for the design of supplier- and standard parts with CATIA V5
  • VW / AUDI specification document 21-38D 597822 design data supplier parts
  • Daimler Requirements 100412 AP2_W10
  • Other guidelines of various car manufacturers or automotive suppliers