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Luxer One Launches online locker configurator

Luxer One Introduces an Interactive Locker Configurator

By Shelby Huber | May 23, 2023

Luxer One, a provider of secure package management systems, has recently launched an online inventory of configurable BIM products. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the new catalog enables architects to implement secure package lockers quickly and accurately in multi-family residences, commercial…

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CAD in a Box is No Parts Management

By Shelby Huber | May 16, 2023

DON’T Be the First on Your Block To Try Zap CAD in a Box Whenever anyone starts a conversation with “apparently,” take it with a grain of salt. “Apparently” he sliced his ball into the rough. NO, he did slice…

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CADENAS PARTsolutions and 3Dfindit are sponsoring the University of Cincinnati's Robotics Team

CADENAS PARTsolutions Announces Sponsorship of University of Cincinnati Combat Robotics Team

By Kelly Obbie | May 10, 2023

CADENAS PARTsolutions is proud to announce a sponsorship of the University of Cincinnati’s Combat Robotics team! CADENAS PARTsolutions will sponsor the whole team under the brand as they travel to different “BattleBots” style competitions across the country. What Is…

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Also known as “The Rainbow House”, the Garcia House is an architectural masterpiece located on Mulholland Dr in Los Angeles.

Engineering an Architectural Masterpiece: The Garcia House by John Lautner

By Adam Beck | May 4, 2023

Things you’re not likely to hear in 2023 and beyond: “Please design me a cliffside home. It needs to be on stilts. The property it will be situated on is simultaneously known for earthquakes and mudslides. Also, please make it…

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West Tool Enclosures launches enclosure configurator

West Tool Enclosures Launches Stainless Steel Enclosure Configurator

By Shelby Huber | May 3, 2023

West Tool Enclosures has recently launched an all-new configurator to provide customers with a “virtually infinite” amount of custom enclosures. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the online tool provides on-demand access for civil and electrical engineers to find, configure and download the…

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Engineering a Run-Flat Bicycle Tire with Tennis Balls

Engineering a Run-Flat Bicycle Tire from Tennis Balls [VIDEO]

By Adam Beck | April 26, 2023

See this creative engineer improve on the wheel by fabricating a run-flat bicycle tire from tennis balls! Since the invention of the bicycle in 1817, engineers have been searching for ways to improve it. Among the key improvements was the…

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Buried in CAD files - need strategic parts management

Buried Under CAD Files? Relieve Pressure with Strategic Parts Management Software

By Shelby Huber | April 24, 2023

It’s like he hits me with a lead brick, piling me under work with a dozer…He’s got me buried under CAD files, that seem siloed by a farmer… He’s got me under PRESSURE! Ever feel like you can’t catch a…

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22 tips for industrial marketers ebook cover

Industrial Marketing Tip: Experimentation is the Key to Growth

By Shelby Huber | April 20, 2023

We recently talked to the top minds in the industrial marketing world and asked them for their best advice, and we’ve curated it here now! Learn how the following industry experts handle content creation, consumer insights, and everything between. Curt…

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Profile picture of Brian Zwick. Get to Know Your CADENAS PARTsolutions Team: Brian Zwick.

Get to Know Your CADENAS PARTsolutions Team: Brian Zwick

By Kelly Obbie | April 13, 2023

Meet Brian Zwick, our Account Executive! Brian has joined PARTsolutions as an Account Executive and will help with the expansion of PARTsolutions products. Brian has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, technology, and business development, including working with ERP…

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Example of a 3-part spec document from Luxer One. What Is a 3-Part Specification?

What Is a 3-Part Specification?

By Kelly Obbie | March 22, 2023

Building product manufacturer specifications are essential to construction projects. They serve as directives from the product designers to construction teams in order to communicate the product design intentions. It’s critical for product manufacturers to ensure their guide specification sections are…

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