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Engineering a Functional Lamborghini with 3D Printing

By Tess Sohngen | March 4, 2020

When the real Lamborghini company discovered this project, they had a little surprise sent to the dad and son duo.   3D printing has given us some incredible creations. We’ve seen a house build in 24 hours, a restaurant that…

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Industry Standard Fastener

Industry Standard Parts – What They Are and How to Ensure Compliance.

By Joseph Lewin | February 24, 2020

As an engineer, you will run across the terms Industry Standards or industry standard parts. By the end of this article, you will have a solid understanding of these terms.   We will address the following questions: What are Industry…

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Get to Know Your PARTsolutions Team: John West

By Tess Sohngen | February 24, 2020

Introducing John, Our Newest Team Member and Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast   Welcome to the CADENAS PARTsolutions Team, John West! John joins our team as the Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast U.S. With his background in engineering…

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how 3d part models changed the manufacturing industry

How 3D Part Models Changed the Industry and Prepare Manufacturers for the Next Decade — Q&A with CTO, Doug Korneffel

By Tess Sohngen | February 19, 2020

We sat down with our CTO, Doug Korneffel, to discuss how the industry has embraced 3D part models over time and where we’re heading next.   It’s been over a decade since manufacturers began to see the value of 3D…

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Actions for Marketers based on Engineers Buying Behaviors

Infographic: 6 Marketing Initiatives to Take Today Based on Engineers’ Buying Behavior In 2020

By Tess Sohngen | February 18, 2020

Don’t just follow industrial marketing trends. Make them a part of your business decisions.   It’s no secret that today’s architects and engineers want a remarkable customer experience. They expect to find a downloadable product model online, and they expect…

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Unitray launches online CAD catalog to improve customers' digital experience

Unitray Doubles-Down on Delivery Speed and Product Customization with New CAD Catalog, Powered by CADENAS

By Tess Sohngen | February 12, 2020

Cable Tray Manufacturer Improves Product Selection and Deliverability of Instant Product Downloads with Its CAD Catalog   Cincinnati, OH – February 12, 2020 – Leading cable tray manufacturer Unitray launches its CAD catalog of custom cable trays and accessories. Built…

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How a Brennan Industrial Fitting is Made Built to Last

How a Brennan Industrial Fitting is Made Built to Last

By Adam Beck | February 11, 2020

Tour Brennan’s facility in Euclid, Ohio to see how an industrial fitting is made!   When you’re talking about large industrial machinery, industrial fittings are one of the easiest components to overlook. The machines in question usually have large moving…

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Direct Conveyors Launches 3D Product Catalog

Direct Conveyors Launches New 3D Catalog for Their Flat Belt Conveyors, Powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions

By Tess Sohngen | February 3, 2020

Conveyor Manufacturer Improves Customer Experience Giving Them New, Useful Tools   Cincinnati, OH, February 4, 2020 – Direct Conveyors, a conveyor manufacturer based in Indiana, doubled-down on customer support by launching its all-new 3D catalog of configurable Conveyor models, powered…

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caster concepts CAD configurator

Enhanced CAD Configurator Offers More Customization and Products for Customers

By Tess Sohngen | January 28, 2020

Caster Concepts Updates Its Custom CAD Configurator to Give Buyers More Options and a Streamlined Digital Process   Cincinnati, OH – January 28, 2020 – Caster Concepts Inc., a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial casters and wheels, has revamped its…

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new native 2020 CAD formats_V1

CADENAS PARTsolutions has Added New Native CAD Formats for 2020!

By Ashley Millman | January 27, 2020

These new 2020 native CAD formats are available NOW!   CADENAS PARTsolutions has introduced 7 new native CAD formats, which have been automatically added to partner manufacturer websites for 2020! These new formats are already available, and in addition to…

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