PBC Linear 3D Parts Catalog Brings Large Format 3D Printing to the Masses

PBC Linear and 3DP Unlimited have unveiled their newest creation – an all new 3D printing platform built almost exclusively from PBC components, which are available in their 3D parts catalog. Designed as a much less costly option than industrial models and much more capable than the typical “home” or “DIY” models, the X1000 can form 1 meter x 1 meter by ½ meter creations. The scale makes items as large as engine blocks within its capabilities. See below if you need to create a Terminator robot. 3D Parts Catalog PBC Liner and the 3DPX1000 bring Large Format 3D Printing Capabilities to the Masses Much of the X1000 is built from PBC components including: stepper motors, actuators, drives and guides. Much of the bracketry was designed and prototyped via 3D printing technology it’s self. The machine is highly precise, to 50 microns, especially considering the price point and the lightweight components. Check out the PBC Linear website and 3D parts catalog. The X1000 3D printer utilizes the durable SIMO® Series linear actuators from PBC Linear for robust and accurate mechatronics while creating the huge workable print area of 1m x 1m x 0.5m … (39″ x 39″ x 19″).  Designed by engineers and built for engineers, 3DP Unlimited’s X1000 3D printer is easy to use having been built on open source control platforms.  Starting at $15,999, the large-format X1000 3D printer is an economical way to extend the capabilities of any engineering firm or department.  

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