Direct Import into all Current CAD Systems

Now the CAD models no longer need to be temporarily stored on your computer because the desired CAD models can be directly imported into the respective CAD system and opened there. PART2cad supports all current CAD programs such as CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, OneSpace Designer (OSDM), Pro/Engineer, SolidEdge and SolidWorks.

In order to start the PART2cad application, users can select a new format from CADENAS PARTserver Community & from customer embded configurators (when available*). Before the 3D CAD parts can be imported into the CAD program, a simple selection of teh desired system is required and the CAD system MUST be running at the time of export. All further steps occur automatically without the installation of additional drivers or software.

The application component PART2cad is required on the workstation when using direct integration. Install it during the first run. The necessary installer opens automatically. The installer itself needs Java. If Java is not installed, there will be no Java logo displayed. In this case click on the link "Click here" and install Java.


If Java is installed the PART2cad installation will start. There may occur warning messages. Allow the installation of the component PART2cad.

  • The messages may vary depending on operation system and administrator settings

Java Warning Message

During the first run the direct integration "PART2cad" will be downloaded.

PART2CAD Download

Following runs will open the dialog "Transferring model to CAD". No user interaction is necessary.

Model Transfer

Selection Dialog for CAD system

If a firewall message opens allow access.

Windows Security Alert Message

Click on the arrow and select the CAD version from the drop down menu, where the model shall be transferred.

CAD selection

Confirm the selection with the Choose button.

*REMEBERt the CAD system must already be started.*

A dialog box "Export using ..." is opened to select the destination directory.

destination directory

Select the preferred destination directory. Use ... to browse.

CAD specific special cases

If the settings option "Insert in CAD automatically" is shown please activate this option

Insert CAD

If the drop down menu "Version" occurs in the "Export" dialog box, please choose the version you are working with.

Version drop down

Confirm with OK.

CAD specific special cases

Using CATIA after defining the destination file one more dialog box to define the destination file of the CATPart is opened.

The model is transferring to the CAD system.

Catia Destination.

If the CAD system is not started or the wrong version was chosen, an error message will be shown.

CAD not started error

When the transfer to the CAD system is finished a message will be shown.


The part has been imported in the CAD system.

Close the message window.

*This is a new feature and is not yet available on all customer sites.