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Keeping ahead of the pack isn’t easy but it’s not beyond reach for any business, whatever the size. First and foremost, it is important to keep content before your audience all the time to ensure your company is always front of mind.

Whilst posting on social media is by far the most effective means of exposure, the key to effective posting is this: If the content piece/post won’t change the buyer’s behavior positively, don’t post it.”

For example: Having a team-building afternoon last Friday might seem significant to you and your company, but just consider what value that post would have for your client base: Does it mean anything to them?

Experience has taught me that to create a constant flow of valuable content for your audience, there is always the question what to post now that is fresh and engaging? I’ve learned that the most effective way is to create larger pieces of content such as an evergreen eBook or captivating video whereby smaller pieces of content can be extracted or reposted. These pieces of content never grow old and continue to capture interest from your audience forever.

Most importantly, don’t start this journey if you’re not prepared to keep going. Often the post you least suspect will return the greatest reward. Keep your message strong, make it memorable and keep it constantly hovering over the marketplace—you’ll be surprised how many people look up and
remember you first.

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