AW-Lake Clearview Flow Meters Make Checking Water Pressure Easy

AW-Lake Clearview Value Flow Meters Make Checking Water Pressure Easy

ClearView Flow Meters allow for simple visual inspections of fluids and accurate sensing methods, making it a no-brainer for municipal water pressure applications.


Flow meters are mostly used to measure the flow rate of gas or liquid moving through a pipe. They have a wide variety of names that are associated with them like flow gauge, flow indicator, or liquid meter but at AW-Lake Company they’re best known as flow meters with a variety of different types depending on the application needed.

For anything regarding water pressure flow monitoring, the ClearView Value Flow Meter is the best part for this application. This part assists in the process of ensuring safe working water pressures in municipal and private water supply companies. This flow meter is unique because the user can view any problems with fluid conditions with just a quick glance.

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AW-Lake Clearview Value Flow Meters make checking water pressure easy with crystal clear design.

High water pressures waste water, but with ClearView Value Flow Meter’s you can promote water conservation with the clear transparent design making it easy for the user to effectively monitor water flows, pressure, case drain flows, and pump outputs

The part is fully customizable with the 3D CAD configurator featured on AW-Lake’s website powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions, check it out:



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