PARTsolutions strategic parts management

A Better Way to
Find, Reuse, & Control
Your CAD Data.

PARTsolutions CAD Reuse Software makes it ridiculously easy to find, reuse, and control your internal and supplier CAD data.

Our software includes 3D shape search, attribute search, and access to a CAD library with trillions of supplier parts directly inside your CAD software.

PARTsolutions strategic part management engineering tools for manufacturers.

A well oiled engineering machine!

It’s 2 PM and all your engineers are going on their fifth-hour of value-added-design work for the day. They are focused and won’t let anything derail the all-important work of new product design. They spend their time in their CAD workflows, rarely needing to leave those workflows to find parts.


There’s one problem with this scenario, this isn’t your reality.


Your engineers are:

  • Constantly being pulled out of their design work to search for and recreate parts.
  • Bringing in low-quality data and duplicate parts.
  • Not ensuring their CAD models have sufficient metadata for your purchasing department.


You want a well-oiled machine, but you’re stuck in low gear — I am about to show you how to kick your engineering into high gear.


But first, you have to understand the problem.

There’s a gap in your engineering process.


Engineers have to dig through a virtual ‘jar-of-bolts’ to find the parts they need. More often than not, they quickly download or recreate parts that already exist in your PLM or PDM. It’s just too hard to find the parts they need in these systems.

The search gap in the engineering process.

The reality is, your engineers are spending 25% of their day
searching for and recreating parts that already exist!

PARTsolutions CAD Reuse Software Bridges the Part Search Gap.


PARTsolutions makes it ridiculously easy to find, reuse, and control your internal and supplier CAD data. We extend the value of your current business systems like your PDM, PLM, and ERP systems, we don’t replace them.

PARTsolutions CAD reuse software bridges the gap in PLM.

We don’t manage your CAD data, we just make it super easy for your engineers to find the right part, at the right time, with the right information — with little to no effort on their part.

Find, reuse, & control your CAD data.

Find Supplier
CAD Models

Find accurate CAD models from a library of trillions of part configurations from 800+ manufacturer certified catalogs. Easily navigate trillions of parts with 3D shape search tools.

Reuse Internal
CAD Designs

Engineers can quickly find internal CAD data using 3D shape search and attribute search; with integrations to your PDM, PLM & ERP solutions.

Control Part
Access + Introduction

Ensure the CAD data entered into your database is clean and accurate by restricting the introduction of low-quality CAD models.

PARTsolutions Interface

Take Control of Your Digital Parts Master Data


Give Engineers the ability to search and find parts their way, using Geometry, Topology, Sketch, Full-text or Dimensions.


Eliminate duplicates, erroneous and obsolete parts that are slowing your engineers down.


Get your classification initiative done faster than with manual methods. Keep the library clean with powerful tools.

Commercial Catalogs

Quickly search and source from 800 manufacturer-certified catalogs of CAD content.


Save time by enabling engineers to find and deploy approved parts instead of searching or recreating.


Unify and link existing systems to create an ecosystem powered by rich data.


Man Truck & Bus

Learn why PARTsolutions is the central tool for managing MAN parts and is in use at 1,300+ workstations worldwide.